Medieval Torture

Pictures, movies and stories about inhuman medieval tortures

Heavy steel bonds adn used for nude woman restraining

Keeping slaves in steel restraints is the best way to enjoy bondage. Women are adorable when nude, helpless and bound with metal! Let me show you an example of sexy young lady in heavy steel bonds.

Kneeling girl is bound with steelSubgirl posing with steel collar over her neckSlave is  tease with sex toy and clamps

It is yet another BDSM scene shot by the Infernal Restraints website crew under the inspiration of old times. When looking at these pictures I can only think of medieval torturers who were interrogating women with the help of bizarre restraining devices. Let's take a closer look at the kinky fixture.

You need flash to see this movie.

What we see in the scene is basically a vertical metal tube with two sets of shackles attached. Girl should get on her knees and then her wrists and ankles are becoming locked in handcuffs. There is a heavy collar attached at the top of the pole where slave's neck goes. Woman is totally helpless, but fully exposed to any kinds of BDSM activities once bound with the thing. How would you like to start? Are nipple clamps and rubber dildo are OK to begin with?

You can now go to the Infernal Restraints and enjoy the full version of this scene where hot girl was bound and tortured in the same way as it was done many centuries ago. Sexy nude female and cold steel bonds are going to fulfilling your darkest BDSM fantasies! Click the banner to enjoy this and many other bondage episodes now!

Everything is ready to stretch the nude girl on a rack

Stretching women with rack is the classic medieval torture never to be forgotten. Still very popular among the BDSM fans all over the world it is used by some of the bondage websites. Yet another example is in this very post.

Infernal Restraints has strong addiction to all kinds of primitive and brutal tools of female torture. That's why BDSM rack down in their dungeon is never left idle. Beautiful girls are becoming stretched quite frequently like witches were many centuries ago. Sexy Mattie Borders is the next one to surrender her body to the wooden frame: master wants the young slut to experience the pain women used to feel in middle ages.

Girl is going to be stretched on the rackStretching the girl on BDSM rack

Made from splintery wood, BDSM rack makes perfect combination with girl's soft and sensual skin. Leather cuffs are put on slave's wrists and ankles, ready to rip her body apart with enormous force. A couple of kinky additions are there to make the action more period-true. There is a vintage gag made from wood and leather is put in slave's mouth. We don't want girl to scream too loud during the medieval torture.

Another bizarre device used in action is cruel breast crusher: girl's tits are becoming placed in between two steel plates. You can vary the smashing force by using screws. How tight would you like Mattie's boobs to be squeezed: tight or extremely tight?

Girl with wooden gagSmasing tits with steel plates

Last but not the least is the sharpened spike on top of the rod that is to be shoved deep into girl's pussy. The feeling of spearhead inside her cunt ready to pierce through is going to make the torture more exciting for the slut. Are you ready to pull the ropes?

You don't want to miss the moment when stretching in going to begin! Infernal Restraints has every second of the medieval torture shot on video and with loads of pictures for you to browse. Click the banner above to enjoy them now! There are hundreds of other BDSM torture episodes for you to explore after where most primitive and brutal tools are used for teasing and tormenting women. Are you ready for savage BDSM brutality? Then click the banner to begin!

The fun of forturing a girl while she is bound with chains and steel

Medieval torturers were always keeping their victims in chains. That is exactly what we are going to do in today's post: putting naked woman in steel bondage and enjoying her helplessness.

Put in strappado with steel bondageTorture of the girl in BDSM chainsHolding girl motionlessly with leather and steel bonds

We are back in the dark Device Bondage chamber where hundreds of sexy girls were tortured along the years. These walls heard the loudest screams possible when helpless slaves have been subjected to the weirdest torments human mind ever came up with. There is another defenseless victim is about to take the punishments right now: shall we take a quick look at the restraints she is bound with?

Put in chains and her ass in torturedShoving huge butt plug into slave's ass

At first it was a BDSM rack and a strappado bondage pose the girl was put into. A set of steel tubes and a combination of chains were used together resulting a bizarre fixture designed to hold the girls motionless while they are being tortured. Gagged subgirl is bent forward and restrained with cuffs and chains for the master to have full access to every part of her body. Just look how sexy the slut looks! Shall we start the fun by attaching lead weights to the nipples and then whipping her ass?

You need flash to see this movie.

The next bondage pose involves chains only: I am always being reminded of medieval times when cold steel is meeting the soft and sensual female skin! Put on her knees and with her sexy ass up, poor trainee cannot move an inch. Her ass looks so vulnerable so why don't we start by shoving a huge butt plug inside? Well done! Is there anything else you would like to do to the slave?

This girl spent the entire day in the BDSM cell suffering pain and humiliation from the medieval tortures and restraints Device Bondage crew was tormenting her with. The entire action was filmed on video and hundreds of pictures have been taken. Click on the banner above to visit the website and enjoy them all now. Don't forget about loads of other hot young ladies who suffered unbearable pain along the years being put in bizarre BDSM devices: hit the banner to browse them all now!

Wooden cross crucifixion torture

Crucifixion was very popular in the past centuries for dealing with captive enemies or breaking the disobedient. Why don't we take a look at the modern recreation of the torture? Luckily we have a beautiful woman willing to test that kind of torment.

Cici Rhodes is a painslut who was looking forward to be crucified on the wooden cross for a very long time. Guys from Hardtied website had invited the girl for an entire day of BDSM training where her dream came true. Middle Ages torture brought back to life for your viewing pleasure!

Pole-tied woman is torturedBoobs and belly are clamped with clothespinsRopes are used for gagging the slave

Poor woman spent the first half of the day being tied to the wooden post naked and with loads of clamps teasing her flesh. A couple of dozens of tight clothespins were placed all over her boobs and attached to the belly. Gagged with rope and unable to move at all, girl was moaning in a very sexy manner enjoying every minute of this extremely painful torment.

Wooden cross woman crucifixionSpread legs woman suspensionBDSM slave is enjoying outdoor torture

Second part of the ancient torture is even more bizarre and reminds good old crucifixion. Bondage whore is being put on the wooden cross with a set of tight ropes and left there for a couple of hours. As you might see on the pictures crucifixion pose is a little bit different from the one we got used to. Nude woman is suspended by the wrists and having her legs spread wide. Looks different but it is still a crucifixion! Pictures of woman on the cross are fine but it is much more exciting to watch this on video! Are you with me for more?

There is a movie about Cici Rhodes bondage crucifixion can be seen right now at the Hardtied website. You just have to click the banner above to get there instantly and start enjoying bizarre tortures. And please don't forget about loads of full-size pictures showing the described BDSM episode in amazing details! Click not to let the fun begin!

Rack stretching torture and interrogation

Welcome to the dark underground chamber where inquisition are keeping and tormenting its slaves. Another beautiful woman is being accused of being a witch and a couple of torturers are interrogating her using ancient devices.

Stretching a woman on the medieval rackUsing steel tongs to destray tits

A number of BDSM websites on Internet are using middle age tortures as an inspiration but none of them came as close to the original as Dungeon Witches. As you can see by site's name it is presenting bizarre storylines about defenseless women in hands of the frenetic churchmen. A whole load of period-true BDSM equipment and loads of beautiful girls are brought together for your viewing pleasure.

Interrogating the medieval witchUsing fire during the interrogation

Sample pictures in this post are showing totally nude gal restrained with huge wooden stocks and subjected to rack stretching torture. One of the guys is operating the reel to pull slave's ankles while another merciless man is crushing woman's breasts with the tongs. Girl is screaming loud in pain but there is more to come when the most sensual spots of her body are going to be exposed to open fire: would you like to see that happening?

Period-true medieval tortures can be enjoyed in full-length at the Dungeon Witches: click the banner above to visit the website and get access to thousands of pictures and hours of bizarre movies. Are you ready to see women becoming destroyed with frightening tortures? Hit the banner to start enjoying torments from the times when there were no such thing as human rights!

Nude mom is in bondage and getting asphyxiated with water torture

Yes - it is the same steel tank full of dirty water dug in the ground we've seen before but it is a different woman going to be tortured inside. Rope bondage and forced underwater asphyxiation is the torments busty MILF mom is about to experience.

It was a whole day of bizarre BDSM humiliation slave Rain DeGray was subjected to. She was taken for a degrading walk in the backyard where water tortures were just a small part of the training. The full version of this scene shows bondage slut is crawling on all fours in restraints, having sex toys shoved in each of her holes, fed like a dog from a bowl, bound with steel and much more. Use the banner below to access full-length movie about the described action while I would be showing you sample pictures of medieval water tortures.

Collared woman is controlled with steel leashUnderwater torture for the slutBondaged mom is choking with water

Captive woman is fully undressed, tied up with rope and put on her knees besides the tank full of water. Master had the bitch collared and leashed with steel: he is going to use this device to control her moves and keep her head underwater. It is clear that bondage slut isn't enjoying the asphyxiation torment and trying to resist when forced to go underwater. At some point master had to use his entire force to keep the BDSM whore's head down while she was choking with water!

Master is pushing the girl underwaterWoman medieval underwater tortureGal is short of air to breathe

Slave Rain DeGrey had made dominator very angry not being submissive enough. The guy decided to give the bitch a lesson locking her down in the water tank for many hours straight leaving her with very little air to breathe with. The woman was still tied up when thrown down in the dirty water. Master had to use his foot to kick the MILF in her head forcing her to dive. With steel grill keeping her locked inside and with no space to move, poor sub Rain has to go through one of the worst medieval water tortures where she has to fight for her life gasping for air with her lips.

Rain's torments were filmed on video and you can enjoy her day of humiliation by visiting the Hardtied website. With that movie and hundreds of pictures you are about to witness every second of the action where MILF woman is being handled like household bitch and tortured in the best traditions of medieval times! Click the banner to go there now and start having fun!

Woman is locked in BDSM torture rack and her boobs are pricked with steel spikes

You know what sort of torture rack I am thinking of? The one that'll bring together sensual female tits and sharp steel spikes! It would be like going back to good old XV century when witches were tormented almost everywhere. Are you with me?

Nude slave is bound with torture rackBoobs are being pricked with steel spikes

Guys from Device Bondage website spent lots of time building bizarre torture rack. Weird combination of steel tubes and chains allows woman to be suspended in a tied spread pose where you can do almost everything to her body.

Torturing tits with sharpened steelMedieval breast torture

Poor slavegirl Bryn Blayne is the one to test the device and feel the medieval torture pain. At first naked sub was hanging in a couple of feet above the floor having vacuum cups attached to her nipples. Then it became much more intense when the entire torture rack has been lowered down and the captive woman had her breasts in extremely close contact with the steel plate sown with sharp spikes. At least half of girl's body weight is pushing her boobs down to the pikes, making this scene one of the kinkiest medieval tortures I've ever seen!

Chained woman is gagged with steel bar but she is still able to make sounds. You definitely have to watch the movie about this scene to hear the way Miss Blayne is crying when tortured in the rack and her tits getting pricked with dozens of steel needles! Click the banner above to go to the Device Bondage where pictures and video about this episode can be enjoyed instantly! And please be prepared to see hundreds of other beautiful and submissive women who were tormented with bizarre devices! Are you ready for extreme BDSM? Click the banner to begin!

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