Beautiful redhead is nude and crucified on cross

Using wooden cross and ropes for crucifyin beautiful nude redhead girl

Wooden cross always was one of the most popular torture tools of the past. It is hard to come up with an idea of something more exciting and kinky than a nude woman helplessly hanging there with her hands spread wide. Let's refresh our memories and take a look at one of those beautiful martyrs.

I am running this blog to talk about nasty and painful tortures originated in medieval ages and I am glad that there are a few websites that uses the same time period for inspiration! Hardtied is the best place to enjoy beautiful women becoming taken to their physical and mental limits with the most bizarre torments human mind invented back in dark ages. Here is one of their damsels crucified on wooden cross for your viewing pleasure.

We are living in a little bit different time where you just can't use huge iron nails to restrain girl's palms and feet to the wood. But luckily we are still able to use ropes. Let's be honest: undressed woman looks astonishingly sexy once becoming tied to cross!

The sexy redhead on the pictures is Ashley Graham. She was put through a whole range of degrading medieval tortures by the guys from Hardtied and becoming crucified was just a beginning of her BDSM adventures. There is much more to see about her getting tormented!

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