Dog kennel used as wooden pony device to torture women

Annette Schwarz is tortured with wooden pony. Nude woman is tied up, gagged and put on top of dog kennel.

It is always interesting to watch the way famous woman react to BDSM tortures for the first time: especially to wooden pony torment. Think of your favorite adult model undressed, restrained with leather belts and put on top of medieval pussy crushing device? Kinky isn't it?

Today I would like to share a few pictures of honored pornographic actress Annette Schwarz testing her ability to suffer major pussy pain. This lady starred in more than 250 hardcore movies but she never had experienced anything like this. Device Bondage website did a perfect job taking hot blondto the very limit with as simple torture tools as wooden pony!

It all started with a little warm up: a few degrading punishments worked fine preparing the girl for the wooden pony. Miss Schwarz was put on her knees, her hands were handcuffed and tight breast bondage was put around her tits. Tight leather collar was preventing slave from moving her head while kinky whipping was performed. It took just a few minutes for Annette's pussy to get wet: a perfect condition for a woman to sit on top of sharp edge.

Look closer at the picture and you'll notice that kennel was used as wooden pony along the action. What a creative approach to using common things! I bet you have one in your backyard: would you like nude woman to ride it from time to time? What about your wife or girlfriend?

Annette has been fully undressed for the wooden pony phase of her training. She was put on top of a kennel with her legs spread wide. Each of girl's ankles then was shackled with rusty cramps and there is an extremely tight bondage put over her upped body. A set of black leather belts were used for tying slave's hands behind the back: we want slut to be totally helpless! Wooden pony pussy torture is fine but we are planning to take Annette Schwarz to her very limit: a bunch of tight plastic clothes pegs will do the job nicely once attached all over her tits. Do not forget about ball gag - it is a-must for this type of BDSM punishments.

It is hard to guess how many times slave Annette had climaxes while being on top of wooden pony, but the color of her pussy tells us that those were very painful orgasms! Without any pubic hair (she loves her cunt to be shaved) you can see both pussy checks are now of nice deep pink color and all moistened well with pussy juices: exact way we love them to be! Wooden pony did its job nicely!

Annette Schwarz spent a whole day at Device Bondage BDSM chamber and had her body put in a series of other bizarre poses. Wooden pony made her horny, but extreme bondage ties satisfied her lust later. Click the button above to visit Device bondage now! Watch the entire episode and enjoy each and every of those torments in details. Shall I tell you that wooden pony and steel chain used as crotch rope were just a few minor warmups?