Nude woman is tied up and drowning in the mud in this medieval torture

Nasty medieval torture is done with pegs and rope: nude woman is tied spread eagle and left alone to drown in the mud

Lots of medieval tortures require sophisticated equipment and bizarre devices. However, there is a sort of bondage action that doesn't involve any of these. You can have lots of fun doing nasty medieval torture in a rainy day by using only a few wooden pegs and a piece of rope. Beautiful nude woman is going to be tied up helplessly and then left alone until drowning in the mud.

There are lots of nice BDSM websites nowadays but only a few of them deliver exceptional content to its visitors. I'd put Hardtied to the top of the list simply because their approach in doing medieval tortures have nothing to do with lousy compromises. The things they do with submissive girls bring back the true meaning of the term medieval BDSM action! Take a look at the pictures and you'll see it instantly.

A little hollow on the ground was instantly turned into the place where sexy nude girl was going through the most horrible minutes of her life. The woman lost the last bits of her dignity during the preparation to the medieval torture: her clothes were ripped down, she was thrown down in the mud and then tied spread eagle to four wooden pegs. Terrified slut wasn't able to hold in her crying: lying naked and helpless in the dirt, she was expecting worst things to happen during her medieval torture.

And the worst things aren't far away with the heavy raining started. The cavity is being filled with water at a high speed and the fully exposed body of the slave starts disappearing under. After just a few minutes is reaches the very tops of girl's tits and it will not take long until medieval torture will turn into bondage drowning: tied girl will not be able to reach the air to breath!

Allow me to keep the intrigue by not telling you what happened next. Hardtied has the full version of this story available so you can go there and see everything in amazing details. Couple of hundreds of pictures together with HD movie is going to show you every single second of this bizarre mud drowning medieval torture. Click the button above to visit now and see the rest of the story. Do I have to mention that lots of other crazy torments and painful punishments can be seen there?