Busty teen medieval torture in dark chamber

Busty teen was dragged into a BDSM chamber for nasty medieval torture that has lots to do with her tits

Dark and cold chamber is the place where you would expect the medieval torture to be done. Let me show you a perfect example of that horrible place where busty teenager is being put through a series of painful torments. The most of those bizarre actions has to do something with girl's big tits so all the breast bondage fans should be happy with the medieval torture featured. Let's start out journey to the BDSM chamber!

Ripping all the slave's clothes down is the first thing tormentor has to do to make the medieval torture as exciting as possible. The girl on the pictures starts her posing having no clothes on. It was a really nasty forced stripping where girl's clothing was cut off with a razor sharp knife.

Another clever thing to do with a submissive woman before torturing her would be to seal her mouth to prevent loud screaming. There is a plastic gag put between girl's lips in the scene. Maybe it does not look as a period-true item of medieval torture but let's be honest: ball gagged teen looks really sexy!

There lots of breast pain featured in the episode. In the beginning female slave is having her arms tied behind the back and both of her tits tightly wrapped with rope nooses. A couple of huge iron weights then being tied to each of the girl's tits so their getting pulled to different directions. Pretty kinky medieval torture but this is just a beginning.

The next (even more violent) torment shows the young lady suspended up in the air by her hands and both of her big boobs tied to her ankles. I bet you've never seen before this kind of medieval torture where each move of slave's feet causes lots of pain to be delivered to her boobies. I with I'd new what suspended slut feels in that particular moment, but her mouth is tape gagged and there isn't a single sounds cane come out. Ouch!

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