Simple medieval torture about locking female in a cage

Bizarre medieval torture shows nude woman put in steel cage

How you would like an exposed female slave to be kept in a dungeon: chained and shackled or maybe hogtied with ropes? I've got a better idea: lock your sub in a steel cage and suspend it up in the air. By the way this is one of the medieval tortures really popular in the past. Let's take a closer look at it.

Here is a pretty girl that has been put through a lot of BDSM torments by Hardtied website. She has been bound with steel cuffs, punished and fucked with bizarre sex toys several times in a row. After six orgasms it is time for her to rest. This girl is going to spend a whole night being locked in the bizarre steel cage. What a crazy medieval torture!

Submissive woman not only to be put in a cage but she had her wrists cuffed and a ring gag put in her mouth. Gagged giel has another torture device attached to her face. It is painful nose hook. There is a huge rubber cock put in her pussy from the beneath. This is the pose she had to stay in for a long night hours. Medieval torture is a perfect way to train a submissive slave.

I've described only in the final moments of the BDSM episode presented by Hardtied website. Check out the full version of the scene by clicking the button above. I hope you would like to see a series of bizarre medieval tortures this attractive woman was going through during the day. Enjoy HD video and over 100 of high resolution pictures!