Nude and chained girl is tortured with chastity belt

Sexy girl is put in chains and then becoming tortured with period-true chastity belt

Chastity belt was invented in medieval times. Husbands used to put this bizarre devices on their wives when leaving home. Wearing massive piece of iron attached to her crotch area made it impossible for spouse to cheat. Pretty clever huh?

I am glad that there are still BDSM websites that use chastity belts for torturing female slaves. Infernal Restraints is the one who provided pictures for this post. Just like in medieval times chained woman has to wear heavy torture device put in close contact with her pussy. Shall we take a closer look?

The slut is obviously having hard times: nude, handcuffed and gagged, she is left alone in the torture chamber. Let me reveal a little secret about this chastity belt: it looks like the classic one but it is tweaked a bit. Look closer at the pictures and you'll see it is having a small steel dildo attached to it. Medieval torture becomes ten times more fun when chastity belt slave is having metal cock deep inside her vagina!

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