Simple tortire device is made from chains

Pornstra Amber Rayne locked in kinky crotch rope torture device made from metal chains

It is amazing how easily normal household objects can be turned into painful torture devices. Just ordinary things that are available in every hardware store can be used to torment slaves. Let me explain this with an example: a plain metal chain.

In this post I've put a few pictures that explain how to create a full-featured torture device just from a few pieces of steel chain. World-famous porn star Amber Rayne was kind enough to submit to this kinky BDSM bondage pose and, oh boy, she did it lovely.

Before getting fully exposed with torture device, the girl is fully undressed and got a ring gag in her mouth. Then both of her ankles are being spread wide and restrained with two pieces of chain. The third, longer, piece is used to create a painful crotch rope around girl's pussy. Rusty steel goes deeply in her soft and pink pussy lips, creating high-pressure on a clit.

Considering the fact that Amber is having her arms shackled behind her back, this simple setup turns out to be a really degrading torture device. Fully exposed and unable to move, gagged girl looks really sexy!

It is just a small part of a full-time BDSM training that Amber Rayne was going through at the Device Bondage website. There is a lot more painful things were done to this submissive whore. Remember a kinky ring gag in her mouth? Well that become very handy when BDSM master were using girl's mouth as a cum bucket feeling it with hot cum. Want to see it all? Use button above to be taken to the full version of this torture device episode!