Crucifying two girls on one cross

A couple of nude girls are becoming crucified on one cross and tortured severely

Crucifying a woman can become more exciting when there is not one but two hot girls are becoming spread-eagled on the cross and punished painfully. With blindfolds over their eyes sluts are going to scream in pain being unable to escape the bizarre bondage!

What I am going to show you today looks like crucifixion but BDSM device is being used instead of the classic wooden cross. A set of steel pipes are bolted together in a structure where women are going to be bound back-to-back in a starfish poses. Looks pretty unusual but that is exactly what Device Bondage website is famous for: building weird tools and using them for torturing women!

Cleverly designed device is forcing slaves to have their limbs to spread sideways and bound with leather belts. Any spot of the exposed bodies can be easily subjected to any kind of tortures you like. I think we should starts with whipping (bitches are going to enjoy receiving lashes in between of their legs) and then move to the breast torments. Nipple clamps followed with the electric shocking are going to be fun to watch taking subgirls to the limit!

These women spent the entire day in the Device Bondage BDSM chamber being tortured with bizarre devices. Both had loads of forced orgasms and you are welcome to watch it happening! Click the button to access the full-length movie and browse hundreds of pictures. Are you ready to enjoy beauty in extreme pain?