Using torture devices for smaching tits

Medieval style torture devices used for smashing tits of a cuffed woman

When talking about torture devices it is hard to miss the wide range of tools invented to torment female tits. It is all started I medieval ages when inquisition was in need for an effective tools to force slaves to confess. Some of these bizarre creations are still popular and widely used in modern BDSM action. What would you say about seeing a cruel boob crushing device in action?

Breast bondage is itself a very exiting part of BDSM. Even the smallest torture devices like nipple clamps can bring loads of pain and pleasure to the woman's chest. What would you think a heavy duty tool would do? We are lucky to have such website as Infernal Restraints up and running for couple of years because they pay lots of attention to medieval torture devices. World's best custom shops spend loads of time recreating these violent torment machines and the hottest women then being bound gagged and locked in these. Watching Infernal Restraints sessions is the pure pleasure for any BDSM fan!

The blondbabe from today's scene has gone through lots of bizarre torture devices. You can see them all in details by accessing the full version of the episode (click the button at the bottom of the post). I would like to describe just one of them and it is the nasty tit crushing tool.

The submissive lady was undressed before getting locked in those torture devices. The BDSM riggers were using hard steel instead of ropes for tying the blonde. Note girl's both: arms and legs are cuffed with so there is now way for her to escape. There is a bizarre medieval style gag put in slave's mouth. For a woman getting tortured while having a metal bar in your mouth is something totally different than being gagged with modern rubber ball gag. That's why I love Infernal Restraints so much: they pay attention to every single details and their BDSM action comes life true and different that the others do.

The neck of the shackled woman is being put in the wooden stocks to prevent her from moving around. Heavy torture device is made from cold steel and having it put over soft tits must be an exiting thing to feel. Two huge screws are used to put pressure between thick metal panels and soon after we can see these lovely breasts of the girl being smashed totally. Would you like to add a few more pounds of pressure? By looking at the slut's eyes you can tell that she'll be happy to get her boobs crushed even more. How far would she go? Let's put an iron mask over her head as they did it in dark ages. This will make the torture device usage more exiting for both: the helpless girl and for us.

The Infernal Restraints website has the full version of this scene along with hundreds of other bizarre scene where loads of torture devices used on world's hottest women. Check them out now because each of them presented with a HD movie of 45-60 minutes length and around 200 images where every single of torment is shown in details. Click the button above to be taken to the medieval dungeon where most bizarre BDSM tools applied to sexy girls!