Girl is accused of being a witch and interrogated by using middle ages methods

Sexy blonde girl is accused of being a witch. Inquisition is going to use some of the painful middle ages methods to interrogat

The majority of BDSM scenes described in this blog were inspired by medieval times and featured a few really nasty devices. But since now it is starting to be even more serious because I've just came across a really special website that tortures sexy women in 100% period-true middle ages manner!

The mission of this site is pretty easy: Dungeon Witchesr is about to take you five centuries back in time and show you the inhuman torture methods religious fanatics were using to interrogate women. Full-force torments and real-life action with no editing: this is the kind of medieval tortures you are invited to witness.

Just look at the poor blondwho was accused of being a witch. Helpless woman is now in hands of inquisition and hanging helplessly in the dark dungeon cell. Interrogated girl is suspended by her wrists and her clothes is ripped down. Each question asked by the interrogators is followed with painful whip strokes that hit the captive female in the most sensual parts of her body.

It looks like the suspension medieval torture isn't enough to receive the confession from than girl. Woman is then being put in some kind of wooden stocks and her boobs are getting nagged with rigid rope. But the major pain is still to come: prepare yourself to seeing this lovely blondbeing put on the classic rack and stretched mercilessly! One of the nastiest medieval tortures to watch on video! Are you ready?

There is a full-length movie of the scene described can be seen instantly at Dungeon Witchesr website. Go there now by clicking the button above to start enjoying 100% period-true torture action that is as close to original as possible! Are you ready to be taken to middle ages and see women being tortured by inquisition? Well then let's go!