Nude girl is getting stretched on a splintery wooden rack

Nude girl is lying on top of the splintery wooden rack ready to be stratched like in medieval times

Stretching women with rack is the classic medieval torture never to be forgotten. Still very popular among the BDSM fans all over the world it is used by some of the bondage websites. Yet another example is in this very post.

Infernal Restraints has strong addiction to all kinds of primitive and brutal tools of female torture. That's why BDSM rack down in their dungeon is never left idle. Beautiful girls are becoming stretched quite frequently like witches were many centuries ago. Sexy Mattie Borders is the next one to surrender her body to the wooden frame: master wants the young slut to experience the pain women used to feel in middle ages.

Made from splintery wood, BDSM rack makes perfect combination with girl's soft and sensual skin. Leather cuffs are put on slave's wrists and ankles, ready to rip her body apart with enormous force. A couple of kinky additions are there to make the action more period-true. There is a vintage gag made from wood and leather is put in slave's mouth. We don't want girl to scream too loud during the medieval torture.

Another bizarre device used in action is cruel breast crusher: girl's tits are becoming placed in between two steel plates. You can vary the smashing force by using screws. How tight would you like Mattie's boobs to be squeezed: tight or extremely tight?

Last but not the least is the sharpened spike on top of the rod that is to be shoved deep into girl's pussy. The feeling of spearhead inside her cunt ready to pierce through is going to make the torture more exciting for the slut. Are you ready to pull the ropes?

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