Nude woman is wearing bizarre BDSM mask while on top of wooden pony

Elise Graves is put on top of wooden pony torture device and there is a bizarre BDSM put over her head

Are you with me in bring back the medieval times by taking a girl, binding her with steel and torturing her with wooden pony?

Two craftsmen spend lots of time building BDSM devices for this scene. Carpenter was whittling wood for hours, building the horse while blacksmith was bending iron creating the kinky headmask. The only thing left is to find the girl submissive enough to become bound and tortured with these BDSM toys and luckily, Infernal Restraints website has one!

Elise Graves is famous for her addiction to extreme pain and harsh punishments. But even this kind of trained slut is having hard times sitting on top of the wooden pony. Metallic bar with a couple of cuffs attached is holding her hands spread and there is a degrading cage mounted around girl's head. A set of ropes are attached to this weird BDSM device to hold the woman in the upright pose: nicely done!

With no ability to use her hands, poor Elise have no options left other than to support her entire weight with her crotch. But sitting on sharp wood with her bare cunt is what wooden pony torture is about! Shall we lean back and enjoy those erotic moans restrained subgirl is making, listen to her crying and begging this torment to stop?

Elise Graves spent the entire day in the Infernal Restraints torture chamber, being taken to her limits with bizarre medieval devices and equipment. Everything was filmed on video and you can watch the resulting movie by clicking the button above. Please keep in mind that those guys are doing things like this on a weekly basis: there are more than a hundred of bizarre BDSM episodes stored in Infernal Restraints vault. How about enjoying them all? Click the button to begin!