Kneeling girl put in heavy steel bondage

Nude woman is on her knees and restrained with bizarre steel device

Keeping slaves in steel restraints is the best way to enjoy bondage. Women are adorable when nude, helpless and bound with metal! Let me show you an example of sexy young lady in heavy steel bonds.

It is yet another BDSM scene shot by the Infernal Restraints website crew under the inspiration of old times. When looking at these pictures I can only think of medieval torturers who were interrogating women with the help of bizarre restraining devices. Let's take a closer look at the kinky fixture.

What we see in the scene is basically a vertical metal tube with two sets of shackles attached. Girl should get on her knees and then her wrists and ankles are becoming locked in handcuffs. There is a heavy collar attached at the top of the pole where slave's neck goes. Woman is totally helpless, but fully exposed to any kinds of BDSM activities once bound with the thing. How would you like to start? Are nipple clamps and rubber dildo are OK to begin with?

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