Stretching rack and whipping medieval torture and interrogation

Nude woman is stretched in the medieval rack and tortured severely with whipping during the interrogation

Follow down the steps into the dark and sultry chamber where there is a beautiful helpless woman is being interrogated by the inquisition. Taken to the very limit with extreme pain, she is about to make the confession: come closer not to miss a bit of her agony!

Nothing more than good old wooden rack and a leather bullwhip are needed for the torturers to take the defenseless woman to her very mental and physical limits. Undressed and placed on her back, beautiful damsel is subjected to one of the most bizarre medieval tortures: the rack stretching.

Look at the pictures: the girl is having her ankles locked into the wooden stocks that are fixed to the base. A couple of leather cuffs are put on slave's wrists and you only have to turn the lever for the painful torture to begin. Woman will be having her hands pulled with enormous force, subjecting the body to extreme pain. Poor slut!

But using rack isn't enough for the medieval interrogators: they want woman to suffer even more pain! This is the moment where the whip is being put in use. Helplessly stretched and unable to make even the slightest move, beautiful girl is being subjected to long series of harsh lashes. Not capable of protecting her belly from the bullwhip, girl is only can cry and beg for mercy. But something tells me that medieval torture isn't about to stop until she makes a confession.

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