Hollie Stevens caging medieval torture

Nude woman caged medieval torture. Slave Hollie ring gagged and put in kinky BDSM cage.

It is normal to think of medieval torture as of using bizarre devices on nude women or putting them under unbearable amount of pain. But there is other ways of tormenting girls. Locking them in cages is just one of them. See pictures of sexy blondcaged and left alone in a dungeon cell.

A bunch of steel tubes, a welder and a few hours of labor results a perfect medieval torture fixture. Guys from the Infernal Restraints website made one so you can too! Just think of how pleasant and exciting it would be: to put sexy lady inside, to close the door and put a couple of heavy locks on. You can keep the torture device vertically or lay it down horizontally: there is nothing captive lady can do about it. Locked inside, she has no options to choose from other than to sit quietly, feel cold with every bit if her naked body and suffer medieval torture humiliation. Would you like your wife (or girlfriend) to spend a night in one of those?

Guys form Infernal Restraints used a bit of creativity when performing featured medieval torture. Firstly, they put a ring gag in the mouth of a slave: it will keep her from talking. The only thing woman is allowed to do is moan silently. Another clever thing to do would be to lock the neck of the slut between two steel rods. Throttling the woman will prevent her from making too many moves inside her cage. They lifted the entire structure above the floor also. It is so kinky to watch medieval torture slave caged and left alone in a few inches above the ground.

What I like about caging medieval torture is the fact that you don't need to use any kinds of ropes, chains or leather straps to keep woman in captivity! Look at the girl on the pictures: she is clearly having fun there: unable to move or talk, she loves every second of degrading training. Would you like to see more?

Locking in steel cage was just the first medieval torture sexy girl was put into. There were five other bizarre devices lovely lady got tormented with. Infernal Restraints invites you to the world of ancient tools and toys that was specially designed for teasing women. Click the button above to see them undressed, locked in weird fixtures and the made to cry with painful punishments!