Wooden stocks medieval torture

This medieval torture involves wooden stocks and painful feet whipping

What differ medieval torture from any other types of BDSM activity? One of the major features of medieval torture is use of heavy pain devices made form wood and iron. Just like in the gallery from Device Bondage, where a pretty blond is tormented with bizarre stocks. I've put only a few sample pictures here, but you can see some more here.

The subject of today's medieval torture is really beautiful. Blonde babe got sexy body and pretty face. But we all know that the hotter female - the better she looks while bound and tortured!

There are a couple of huge wooden stocks mounted on the floor. One is for holding the ankles while the other is intend to bind the wrists. Naked female forced to bend her body backwards, when put in her restraints. Unable to move, she is totally helpless and exposed to her torturer.

But being locked up in wooden frames is not the whole medieval torture. More pain to come with intense feet spanking. Dungeon master is using a bamboo stick to whip the pretty babe right in her heels and toes. Pitiful female starts crying and tries to move her feet aside to avoid painful strokes, but cruel dominator is using a couple pieces of rope to tie both of her big toes. Now, when medieval torture slave is completely unable to move it is time to whip her with full power and then continue with other types of tortures!

It was just a small preview of BDSM episode presented by Device Bondage site. There are a lot more to see in the full version. Enjoy pictures and movies and enjoy every second of this painful torture. Just click on the button above to be taken to the most exiting website on the net that is fully devoted to pretty females bound and tormented with bizarre medieval devices. Have fun!