Female suspension medieval torture

Classy girl undressed and suspended in this BDSM torture

Suspension is the simpliest medieval torture to recreate. You will need just a few simple things to start: a sexy woman who is willing to be tied up and used as a BDSM doll, a long rope and a hook in the ceiling to hang up your victim. Hogtied.com has all the things needed and we may start right now.

The name of this girl is Darling and she is a real pain slut. This babe is really sexy and those breasts of her are truly beautiful. It is much more fun to do medieval torture bondage fantasy with a girl like her!

Undressed and taken to the BDSM chamber, Darling is getting tied up by true professionals. Suspension medieval torture requires female to have her hands tied behind the back, turned upside down and hanged by her ankles. Note a nice breast bondage put arounf her chest. Perfect!

I love the way this helpless woman moves he body while hanging there like a piece of ham. Nothing she can do about her captivity and this is really exiting.

I've revealed just a small part of the whole episode. There are much crueler and painful things have been done to this sexy girl during her medieval torture. Check them all up at the Hogtied.com website where there is a movie and picture gallery available. Have fun watching most bizarre torments applied to exposed women!