Medieval torture for girl bound on a wooden crate

Inhuman medieval torture is about whipping naked woman that is locked in a wooden crate

Most of medieval tortures involve one or two pieces of nasty equipment specially designed by someone's creative mind. There are basically two types of these devices: the first are made to hold the human body motionless while the other are for doing the medieval torture itself. Today I want to show you the tool from the first group.

It is a kind of wooden crate that is specially made for holding the body of a woman while she is being tormented with medieval tortures. Girl's both: arms and legs are being held in place with four steel shackles. Those are connected to the wood with screws so once restrained there is nothing poor slave can do to get free and avoid tit whipping punishment.

They have a really attractive woman put in the torture device. The exposed slave is severe pain as her big breasts are being tightly bound with breast bondage. The ropes are getting pulled upwards with the heavy weight and it seems to me that this lady feels the exact same amount of pain as tortured women in medieval ages were.

The torturer is dressed in black robe so everything looks like a period true medieval torture. Leather head whip is used for naked pussy spanking. By looking at the girl's face you can tell that interrogations as they were done in medieval were really effective. Under a breast suspension pain like that you would make any confession! has lots of bizarre medieval torture episodes for you to look at. Each of them has full-length movie and two hundreds of photos where every second of bizarre female torment is shown in details. Click the button above to go there now and see the lovely lady from this post going through couple of other bizarre BDSM punishments!