Medieval torture where chained woman locked in small cnamber

Beautiful chained woman getting mured in very tight cage in this medieval torture

Let's go on with our exploration of medieval torture punishments. I've got a really nice episode for you today. It isn't about any of those bizarre torture devices but looks really nice because it shows a beautiful naked woman all chained up and locked in the small page.

Looking back into the dark ages, when medieval tortures were widely used during interrogations, I'm thinking about thousands of females kept in prisons behind the bars. They were spending months and even years of their lives locked in small chambers, shackled and totally helpless.

I am happy with the fact that lots of beautiful girls who enjoy BDSM are dare to try these bizarre restrain methods. We all know Sister Dee: she is beautiful, a lifestyle submissive and big fan of extreme bondage. Today she is experiencing one of the kinkiest medieval tortures, where she's being hogtied with heavy chain and then put in a really small chamber.

She looks so sexy when bound and exposed in this small cavity. Unable to move because of her bonds, she becomes an easy target for a few lovely BDSM torments: there is a ring gag put in girls mouth and nipple clamps attached to her tits. Pulling those clamps must be a really fun thing to do: medieval torture slave moans and groans but can do nothing about her captivity.

Being locked in a small chamber is just one of many medieval tortures that sexy lady was going through. Watch more of those painful torments in the full version of the episode. Click button above to access hundreds of pictures and HD movie of Sister Dee trained the medieval style!