Chaining a girl to a wooden pole

This kinky medieval torture is about naked girl being shackled and chained to a wooden pole

Cuffs and shackles are the medieval torture most frequently used objects. It is important to restrain the tortured subject from moving while painful devices applied to his body. But it is frequently happens that chains are becomes torture devices themselves. Check out sexy girl undressed, shackled and chained to the wooden pole just like it was done in the medieval ages.

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A multi-hour slave training starts with slavegirl undressed and cuffed to a pole. Her both wrists and ankles are cuffed and leashed with heavy chains (girl looks like a petgirl when chained). Although this medieval torture does not look bizarre it is a really painful for a human to sit nude and restrained for a long time. Keep in mind that in the past slaves were left in such pose for days!

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