Rack stretching medieval torture

Busty woman put in wooden rack and stretched in this medieval torture

Huge wooden rack would probably be the first thing you would think about when asked about medieval torture. What can be more frightening for a female than to be stretched brutally between two wooden planks? Seriously this is not that softcore BDSM games that you see on the most of the websites. This is the real deal!

Strangely, but there are a lot of sexy girls out there who are willing to try one of these bizarre medieval tortures. Getting undressed and locked in the torture devices spices up their life and brings unforgettable memories.

This sexy lassie looks really happy when put in a copy of medieval rack that has been re-created in details. Female is fully undressed and got her feet locked in the middle of the heavy wooden plank. Girl's wrists are cuffed and pulled with thick ropes. I love that huge steel collar put around slave's neck to add more excitement to the medieval torture.

When fully exposed and unable to move it looks to me that these busty woman is thinking about thousands of witches who were tormented with medieval tortures during the dark ages. It is no wonder that our BDSM slave got wet instantly from these thoughts so she begged the master to allow her to cum. He was pleased with this request and put a dildo deep in the pussy of restrained woman. Let's give a few more minutes to these beautiful me the evil torture slave to receive a few orgasms in a row because she deserves them.

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