Nude woman locked in stocks during wooden pony torture

Pian slut enjoys BDSM training where she was locked in wooden stocks in the middle of wooden pony torture

Why don't we look back to medieval era when women were held in captivity with nasty wooden restraints? Check out one of those poor ladies locked in stocks and tortured with wooden pony device. It feels just like inquisition!

Infernal Restraints website puts up lot of time and effort building these bizarre BDSM tools and then finding hot girls who dare to be tortured with. You can't just grab the girl you like and put her on top of a wooden pony nowadays. But we are lucky to have a number of submissive pain sluts who take pleasure in being enslaved with nasty BDSM hardware.

The captive girl is totally nude and nicely bound with a couple of huge wooden stocks. The first locks up slave's neck and wrists while the other is used to hold her ankles motionless.

But the main feature is the wooden pony woman is riding. Having her legs spread, poor slave is crushing pussy with her entire weight. Looks like people in the past master the art of torture!

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