Medieval BDSM torture - page 1

Bizarre medieval bondage and BDSM tortures - page 1

BDSM torture and bondage sex for nude teen slave

Torture devices makes BDSM fun! That is the main law guys from Infernal Restraints are using when creating a mind-blowing content. Those guys using BDSM torture to bring exposed female slave to the very limit and then using her as a sex slave. Sounds exiting? Check out their site for more!

Let me show you one of the examples where a pretty young girl is getting turned into helplessly restrained slave with a couple of torture devices.

The first one looks like an old rusty cage. But it not that simple like it looks. Please note a small mask-like thing attached to the very top of the torture devices? It is specially designed to put female head in there and fuck deeply in her throat. Clever BDSM torture!

Another advantage of this bizarre cage is that you can rotate in any direction while helpless teen is locked inside. By pulling in on either side you can finger her ass and pussy, stick your cock in her mouth or punish her feet with bastinado whipping.

Being tormented with the cage for couple of hours, it is time to take naked petgirl out and use her as a fuck doll. There is one of these huge torture devices prepared for this very special occasion. Yes - it is wooden stocks and nude teen is really terrified being locked in it.

Motionless and unable to fight, bound girl becomes nice a sex toy for her master. Fucked in every hole of her body and received a full load of cum straight in her pretty face, female is left alone in the room. Her BDSM torture is not over. Master will come back soon with more bondage pain and humiliation.

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Restrained MILF got her tongue nailed in this medieval torture

Unlike the classic BDSM, medieval tortures takes it to the very limit. Just like in the gallery from Infernal Restraints website, where nice MILF is being turned into a subject of inhuman torments. There were many filthy things performed over this lovely slave, but I want to talk about one particular medieval torture from this BDSM episode.

Woman is undressed and drawn on her knees near a big wooden pole. Helpless female is getting her ankles restrained with steel shackles while her arms cuffed behind her back. Please note a huge iron collar put over girl's neck. This little piece of equipment is one of the essential parts of every medieval torture.

Exposed slave looks pretty helpless, but this is just the beginning of her medieval tortures! Go to Infernal Restraints and see the full version of BDSM episode, because there are many painful things are done to her in the following 30 minutes. What would you say if I tell you that her tongue is going to be nailed to the wooden poll and her nipples are going to be tied to that nail? And what do you think about this babe locked in heavy medieval wooden stocks and then suspended upside down? Do I have to mention that helpless female is going to be constantly fucked along the whole episode?

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Woman slave locked in steel and riding wooden pony

Beverly Hills is certainly one of the hottest bondage models. Babe has sexy body and a pair of nice tits. The slutty look of her eyes makes you think dirty and it is so natural that you want to see her naked, exposed and helpless. Just like in the medieval torture gallery by Hardtied.

It was a common thing - to use hard metal restraints to keep victims immobilized during medieval tortures. Beverly Hills tries some of these bizarre BDSM devices and it looks to me that is it a hard thing for her to wear these!

Female is undressed and has her tits smashed with a special steel device put around her chest. Do you like this type of breast bondage? Do you think female breasts looks great when wrapped with tight bonds?

Slave's arms are restrained with a kinky spread bar and there is a weird iron mask put over girl's head. Note a couple of cuffs put on Beverly's ankles. Those are chained to her heck and make it very hard to move. You should definitely see the video of this scene because it is really sexy watching this exposed slave walks around in these restraints.

This was just a brief description of the beginning of Beverly Hills medieval torture. There are a lot more bizarre things done to this sexy babe, including locking her in stocks and fucking her both holes with wooden rods. Another painful torment would be riding a wooden pony. Just imagine sexy naked babe bound with medieval torture devices and having her crotch violated with hard wood! Amazing!

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Medieval torture for pretty blonde locked in stocks

What differ medieval torture from any other types of BDSM activity? One of the major features of medieval torture is use of heavy pain devices made form wood and iron. Just like in the gallery from Device Bondage, where a pretty blond is tormented with bizarre stocks. I've put only a few sample pictures here, but you can see some more here.

The subject of today's medieval torture is really beautiful. Blonde babe got sexy body and pretty face. But we all know that the hotter female - the better she looks while bound and tortured!

There are a couple of huge wooden stocks mounted on the floor. One is for holding the ankles while the other is intend to bind the wrists. Naked female forced to bend her body backwards, when put in her restraints. Unable to move, she is totally helpless and exposed to her torturer.

But being locked up in wooden frames is not the whole medieval torture. More pain to come with intense feet spanking. Dungeon master is using a bamboo stick to whip the pretty babe right in her heels and toes. Pitiful female starts crying and tries to move her feet aside to avoid painful strokes, but cruel dominator is using a couple pieces of rope to tie both of her big toes. Now, when medieval torture slave is completely unable to move it is time to whip her with full power and then continue with other types of tortures!

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Pretty girl undergo bizarre medieval torture

Medieval torture is one of the most popular niches in BDSM training. A lot of people browsing websites searching for images of nude girls tormented with bizarre devices. Luckily there is a very special website Infernal Restraints that is all about helpless slaves bound with crazy restraints.

Here is one of their victims. The girl is nude and drawn to the dark torture chamber. A bunch of bizarre BDSM tools applied to her sensual body. Medieval torture begins wit painful suspension: lovely female is handcuffed, suspended above the ground and whipped painfully. I love the way she moves her body, trying to avoid painful strokes!

Then goes a number of sexual medieval tortures, which includes dildo penetration and forced cock sucking. You can see them all in the full version of this episode available at Infernal Restraints. It is really exiting - to watch a video with helpless female slave all bound with heavy steel and fucked.

Fucked and tormented, slavegirl is finally left alone in the dark chamber. Put in rusty cage and being locked - this is the last medieval torture for today. I guess there is more to come tomorrow! Check out more bizarre torture devices and BDSM tools applied to exposed slavegirls by clicking the button above. Enjoy picture galleries and movies!