Medieval BDSM torture - page 2

Bizarre medieval bondage and BDSM tortures - page 2

Kneeling female forced to come with bastinado pain

It is time to see another pretty girl undressed, locked in bizarre bondage and got her feet whipped with painful bastinado! I really happy to present another gallery from Device Bondage where kneeling slavegirl is having her nipples tied to floor while her body is being spanked!

Some girls need just a minor BDSM stimulation to have their orgasm, while the others require a full-force interaction and painful punishments in order to come. It looks like today's bastinado whore is of the second type, because she goes through a series of really tough BDSM torments before her orgasm arrives.

Undressed girl is put on all fours in the dark torture chamber, her wrists and ankles are restrained with steel shackles. For humiliation purposes female is ball gagged and her head is locked in a small wooden box. I think this is a brilliant idea, because from how on exposed slave can't even see what is going to happen to her and this increases the excitement of the bastinado punishment.

Another clever bit of BDSM torture used in this episode is tied tits. By looking closely at the falaka slave you can see two thin ropes that connects girl's nipples to the steel rings mounted on the floor. Now when exposed female is having her nipples stretched with these ropes, it requires only a few strokes of bastinado foot whipping to make her come! Wonderful!

I've just briefly described the BDSM episode, while there are a lot of interesting and exiting things done to this pretty girl. How about seeing her fucked deeply with a rubber cock while her feet whipped? There are a lot of things like that are shown in the full version of the scene. Device Bondage website will be happy to share the HD movie and picture gallery with you. Just click the button above to go there and enjoy the passion of bastinado punishment!

Plain rope used for this extreme banding bondage scene

To put a pretty girl under heavy pain caused by medieval torture you don't need sophisticated devices. A piece of simple rope, when used properly, can force a female slave to suffer as intense pain. Today gallery shows sexy Darling put in some of these bizarre bondage ties. I want to be honest with you: these are the most bizarre and unusual BDSM ties I've seen!

The girl has been taken to the underground torture chamber and undressed. Woman was hogtied for the first medieval torture tie, then turned upside-down and suspended by her crotch area. Unable to move a bit, Darling is just hanging there while torturer fingers her pussy deeply.

The next bondage pose features naked female tied spread eagle on a huge horizontal wooden pole. Girl's ankles are being pulled upwards while these painful BDSM torture done to her tits: tight breast bondage pulls her tits together with couple of heavy lead weights attached to nipples with steel clamps. Ouch!

Another medieval torture bondage pose involves some extreme bending abilities of female body. Darling was bent forward extremely so now her face is located right under her pussy. Helpless body was tied to pose with lots of rope. With her wrists tied to ankles wile legs spread, this exposed babe looks like a perfect fuckdoll! Just take a look at her pussy: it is so exposed and easy to fuck in this position!

The last scene is the most exiting because it shows the way slaves were suspended during medieval tortures. Ball-tied woman is hanging on her left leg as the right one right one is tied to her tits. Helpless gal having her hands tied behind the back. No way for her to move! The only thing she left to do - is to wait for her master to stop this painful medieval torture!

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Woman locked in rack and punished with soles canning

Women respond differently to punishments and tortures. Most of them starts screaming and asks for mercy while the others get wet and cum almost immediately. Just like this sexy babe. Her name is Holly and she is visiting website to receive an intense BDSM training and go through a series of rough torments including bastinado foot whipping.

BDSM master starts the action by cutting off girl's clothes with big scissors and tying her arms behind the back. Then he violently penetrates female pussy with his finger, twists her nipples and fucks her pussy with a sex toy. Bondage slave responds well to the stimulation with a lot of saliva starts coming from her cunt. This means that the lady is ready for her nest punishment: bastinado.

There is a very special torture devices< are prepared. It is a classic wooden rack that is normally used for stretching slaves. Holly is getting restrained with heavy wood planks and finds herself in totally helpless position. After a few minutes of continuous pussy fucking with vibrator she is being foot whipped. Dominator uses a bamboo stick to bring pain to slave's feet. I love to listen these loud bastinado strokes and girls moans!

Other that bastinado, Holly is gone through a series of other degrading bondage poses and punishments. She is going to be ball-tied and penetrated with rubber dildo, then hogtied and suspended up in the air. Don't forget about another kinky moment when she is sitting on a hi-speed vibrator while her tits are twisted with tight breast bondage! You can see these painful BDSM scenes in the full version of this scene that is available at website. Use button above to be taken there instantly and start enjoying sexy bastinado slaves put in bondage and tormented. Have fun!

Torture devices used during fuckdoll training

Here is the BDSM story that brings out a bunch of bizarre torture devices and involves a really sexy girl that has been abducted from her car and dragged to a secret location. The described adventures of a helpless babe were performed, shot on video and photographed by the guys from Infernal Restraints website. They have more stuff like this and they really love sharing female BDSM torture stuff over the Internet. Visit them and you'll be thrilled with the things they do to female slaves!

So this woman was abducted and taken to a very special barn that is equipped with all kinds of bizarre torture devices. The first thing were done to the girl is that her clothes were cut off with scissors. Undressed and ashamed, sexy babe was put in kinky iron cage and lifted one feet above the floor. Captured and unable to run away, exposed slave was used as cum bucket as dominator forced her to suck his cock. Fed with fresh cum, babe is left in her cage for the whole night to be prepared for the next BDSM torture.

It is involves strange torture device that is used to hold female body motionless. Forced to stand on her knees and having her wrists cuffed, motionless woman becomes a fuckdoll for her master. Fucked once again, girl has been releaced from the BDSM torture machine and then immediately bound with tight leather belts. Sitting on the dirty floor, with mask all over her head, this gagged girl looks so helpless! A coupel of nipple clamps would look perfect on the tops of those breasts!

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Nude girl locked in BDSM device and tormented with mause trap

Are you still looking for medieval torture? The more it is painful - the better? Well here is one for you presented by Device Bondage. Check out pretty Ariel X is being put in bizarre BDSM cube and left there for a few hours.

Just look at her! Naked girl is fully exposed by medieval torture! Female got her head hold in place with a stocks, where her neck is locked. Pretty arms are drawn backwards and restrained with a kind of kinky cuffs made form steel pubes.

The same devices are used to hold her ankles motionless. Medieval torture requires a woman to sit with her legs spread so it is a perfect moment to put something deep in her vagina. Artificial cock violates Ariel's clitor so she is forced to come once in a few minutes.

This all cool, but the most exiting thing about this medieval torture is the way slave's face treated! Nose hook is used along with mouth spreader devices to distort the beauty. Note a tight mousetrap used for tongue torture. There is no need for this babe to be ball gagged - mousetrap is so painful that it keeps the slave silent!

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