Medieval BDSM torture - page 22

Bizarre medieval bondage and BDSM tortures - page 22

Shutting the tied teen up with her panties and duct tape gag

It is nice to hear sexy moans women are making when tortured. Sometimes bitches go beyond the limit screaming too loud. All kinds of ball gags work fine shutting them the fuck up but panties and a bunch of duct tape can also do the job nicely!

Young BDSM trainee Tracey Sweet spend the most part of the day locked in the barn, being continuously tormented by the guys from Hardtied website. She was keeping herself quiet during countless number of bizarre bondage poses the girl was put into and a number of sexual teases she was subjected to. There was no need for the gags to be used.

But then, suddenly, pain became unbearable when tied up teen was forced to sit with her bare ass on top of sharpened steel spikes. BDSM slut started screaming like crazy so the urgent measures had to be taken. A bit of cloth and tight tape gag turned the blondinto the silent trainee, who is suffering pain quietly unable to make even the slightest sounds! Isn't she look adorable: tied up naked, with her mouth stuffed with her own panties and with dozens of sharp pikes violating her sensual ass from underneath? Would you like to see that on video?

Hardtied website crew had everything filmed on video and you are invited to spend the best hours in your life watching young blondteenager being tortured. Every second of the action can be enjoyed in details including medieval steel spikes torture, extreme bondage, panties and duct tape gagging. Click the button above to start enjoying Tracey Sweet BDSM tortures: teens were never so much sexy in pain before!

Woman is bound spread with steel and tortured

Some websites sometimes surprise with the weirdness of bondage they are into. Beautiful and submissive Andy San Dimas had experienced one of those bizarre sessions where her body was subjected to extreme BDSM impact. How about a couple of sample pictures of hot girl in pain?

Merciless guys from Device Bondage website built a whole rack to torture helpless gal with. Poor woman is nude and her soft and warm body is locked in between many cold steel tubes. Frame isn't giving captive girl a chance to move an inch keeping her in a strict spread eagle pose.

But what's makes this scene very special is the bizarre hairstyle! You don't normally see hair being used during BDSM action but in this particular case the guys taken full advantage of girl's helplessness! Andy is having her long hair divided in many small pigtails and each of those was tied up with a thin rope! Isn't she adorable: exposed in a spread eagle bondage pose, looking like Medusa and screaming from extreme pain?

Yes, there were lot of painful tortured performed on the restrained girl. You can enjoy them all in the full version of this episode available at the Device Bondage website. Let me give you a little teaser saying that pussy whipping and heavy lead weights attached to her pussy cheeks was just a beginning. Click the button above to watch Andy San Dimas posing in bizarre spread eagle bondage now!

Nude mom is in bondage and getting asphyxiated with water torture

Yes - it is the same steel tank full of dirty water dug in the ground we've seen before but it is a different woman going to be tortured inside. Rope bondage and forced underwater asphyxiation is the torments busty MILF mom is about to experience.

It was a whole day of bizarre BDSM humiliation slave Rain DeGray was subjected to. She was taken for a degrading walk in the backyard where water tortures were just a small part of the training. The full version of this scene shows bondage slut is crawling on all fours in restraints, having sex toys shoved in each of her holes, fed like a dog from a bowl, bound with steel and much more. Use the button above to access full-length movie about the described action while I would be showing you sample pictures of medieval water tortures.

Captive woman is fully undressed, tied up with rope and put on her knees besides the tank full of water. Master had the bitch collared and leashed with steel: he is going to use this device to control her moves and keep her head underwater. It is clear that bondage slut isn't enjoying the asphyxiation torment and trying to resist when forced to go underwater. At some point master had to use his entire force to keep the BDSM whore's head down while she was choking with water!

Slave Rain DeGrey had made dominator very angry not being submissive enough. The guy decided to give the bitch a lesson locking her down in the water tank for many hours straight leaving her with very little air to breathe with. The woman was still tied up when thrown down in the dirty water. Master had to use his foot to kick the MILF in her head forcing her to dive. With steel grill keeping her locked inside and with no space to move, poor sub Rain has to go through one of the worst medieval water tortures where she has to fight for her life gasping for air with her lips.

Rain's torments were filmed on video and you can enjoy her day of humiliation by visiting the Hardtied website. With that movie and hundreds of pictures you are about to witness every second of the action where MILF woman is being handled like household bitch and tortured in the best traditions of medieval times! Click the button to go there now and start having fun!

Bondage woman is put in suspension witht the bizarre BDSM torture rack

Some tortures can be done in just minutes while other needs lots of time to be performed. Here is a good example of a sophisticated BDSM torment where there a lot of bizarre equipment was used for taking beautiful woman to her very limit.

It took Device Bondage crew lots of time setting up the scene. Darling is one of the sexiest BDSM models around and she deserves only the best torture devices to be bound with. Busty MILF spent an entire day surrendering her hot body to the weirdest pain tools you can ever think of. You can enjoy them all in action in the full-length movie (click the button above to access it instantly). In this post I would like to walk along one of the scenes where nude Darling is being bound and hung with chains.

It all started with the nude woman put on top of the chair, bound with lots of tight leather belts and a kinky head mask was put around her face and neck. All the mentioned bonds are left poor Darling motionless and with no ability to make noises: isn't she a perfect sub for testing BDSM torture equipment?

Unable to speak or move, bound woman was subjected to a long sexual tease where her pussy has been worked out with whip and vibrator. Bound whore became wet pretty soon and juice started dripping from her cunt: looks like the prefect time to bring the pain to the maximum! The chair has been removed from underneath the bondaged female leaving her hanging on chains. This torture looks nasty but there is still something we can do to make it even worse! How about putting tight mousetraps on top of each of her boobs? Bound, suspended and with her nipples clamped, Darling is going to have unforgettable time cumming in constraints for half an hour straight!

Guys from the Device Bondage website have the full version of this BDSM torture shot on video and available for you to enjoy. You just have to click the button above to access the movie and the full set of pictures. Go there now to see Darling suffering extreme pain under bizarre BDSM tortures and meet hundreds of her sexy mates who were tormented and trained previously. You are just one click away from the world of beautiful women in extreme pain: hit the button and start enjoying right now!

Girl with a perfect body is tortured on top of the wooden pony

Ariel X is one of the hottest submissive women around and seeing her getting tortured is always a big pleasure. How about forcing her to have a wooden pony ride?

Slavegirl is being taken good care of by the Device Bondage website crew. They've invented and built a number of bizarre tools for the beautiful lady to be bound and tormented with. Check out the full version of this episode to see them all while I am going to concentrate my attention on one scene only where Ariel X was put on top of the wooden pony.

Ariel is always very passionate when put in restraints but this time she overcame herself! I haven't seen her so excited yet: medieval torture device did its job just perfectly taking nude woman to her physical and mental limits!

Kinky combination of the wooden pony ride and the strappado bondage pose works just fine bringing extreme pain to girl' crotch area. Ariel is having a tube gag in her mouth and she spills lots of saliva all over her belly! Extremely tight steel clamps are mounted to the very tops of her newly made silicone tits: it worth adding a bit of tit torture to the action!

Wooden pony torment is made even more exciting for the captive slut with the rope noose placed around her neck. For some reasons women are normally having more orgasms when strangled a bit. Ariel proves this theory having a whole row of continuous orgasms on top of the wooden horse being almost hung by her neck. Would you like to see the video with her suffocating?

Full-length movie of this torture plus an entire set of pictures can be enjoyed instantly at the Device Bondage website! Click the button above to see subgirl Ariel X riding BDSM horse naked, with her hands cuffed behind the back and choked with the rope noose! Beautiful woman having an entire day of painful humiliation - you can't miss that! Click the button now!