Sexy woman being suspended by her tits in this medieval torture

Attractive female is all tied up and suspended by her boobs in the most inhuman medieval torture ever

Medieval torture where a beautiful woman getting suspended by her tits must be one of the top ten nastiest things an inquisition could come up with. It is hard to believe but there is a website that is dare enough to do these bizarre things to women, take pictures and shoot video of them and then upload everything to Internet.

Yes, Hardtied is made by the same crew that was running famous Insex at the end of 90-s. Now they are back in action with even more cruel BDSM that features lots of bizarre medieval tortures. These guys are really mean and it is absolutely normal for them to lock a sexy undressed lady in a cage for the whole night, fuck her in the morning and then do dozens of other perverted things as dragging cuffed girl behind the track, throttling with plastic bag or drowning her all tied up in the mud.

Here I've put a few sample pictures of mentioned earlier medieval torture where a helpless woman is getting suspended by her breasts. With her hands tied behind the back, classy girl can do nothing about the way she is going to be tormented. With two tight rope nooses put around her boobs it takes the rigger just a few seconds to lift the female up in the air. Hanging one foot above the floor, she only left to scream and shake her sexy legs helplessly along the suspension breast execution.

Girl's face says it all about the pain level of this medieval torture. She had to be a real pain junky to go through such a hardcore torment. But believe me: this is just a beginning of the day and there are lots of other bizarre BDSM things she has to be put into. Do I have to reveal the fact that she in going to be fucked several times during the tortures? Her face looks naughty when covered with cum and ball gagged!

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