Medieval punishment: whipping nude and handcuffed woman outdoors

Nude girl is put through one of the nastiest medieval punishment: she is nude, handcuffed and whipped outdoors

There is one common place where women were tortured in medieval times. It's dark dungeon cells and chambers. But lots of girls were tormented outdoors altogether. Very few things medieval citizens enjoyed as much as seeing someone getting punished in public. Do you want to see handcuffed slut getting her ass whipped medieval style?

Crazy website Infernal Restraints is bringing back the taste of ancient-time tortures into modern BDSM. Look what they did to a lovely girl who dare to submit! Wholly naked, she was restrained with a weird steel device that put her both arms in a kind of strappado pose. Helpless subgirl then was chained to the tractor and dragged all around the neighborhood. Would you like processions like this to pass in front of your home?

But walking nude and bound woman on a chain isn't the main event of this episode! How about medieval public whipping torture? Helpless girl is getting bent over a wooden beam and hand her hands bound with a pair of old rusty handcuffs. Isn't she look adorable: with her ass perfectly exposed and loud screams coming out of her mouth each time wooden stick hits the butt? Would you like to join the good old medieval torture and do a few strokes with your own hands?

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