Girl is accused of being a witch - stretched on the rack

Interrogation of a rack-stretched woman who is accused of being a witch. Girl iw whipped and her tits are exposed to open fire.

Welcome to the dark underground chamber where inquisition are keeping and tormenting its slaves. Another beautiful woman is being accused of being a witch and a couple of torturers are interrogating her using ancient devices.

A number of BDSM websites on Internet are using middle age tortures as an inspiration but none of them came as close to the original as Dungeon Witches. As you can see by site's name it is presenting bizarre storylines about defenseless women in hands of the frenetic churchmen. A whole load of period-true BDSM equipment and loads of beautiful girls are brought together for your viewing pleasure.

Sample pictures in this post are showing totally nude gal restrained with huge wooden stocks and subjected to rack stretching torture. One of the guys is operating the reel to pull slave's ankles while another merciless man is crushing woman's breasts with the tongs. Girl is screaming loud in pain but there is more to come when the most sensual spots of her body are going to be exposed to open fire: would you like to see that happening?

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