Chained girl is locked in the BDSM cage and slowly drowning in the mud

Breath play and water medieval torture: nude girl is locked in the cage full of mud, choking with slush and drowning slowly

I've already posted pictures of nude chained girls being tormented with water and almost drowning during the torture. Well today we are about to enjoy the same sort of things but it is going to be even kinkier because bizarre medieval cage is involved.

Oh my god, Infernal Restraints website crew did it again! They took someone's sick fantasy about unusual medieval torture and put in into reality. They even filmed everything on video so you and I could enjoy the torments of the poor girl who was stupid enough to submit in that kind of BDSM action!

Look: an old rusty BDSM cage is buried in the ground and there is a woman locked inside. Nude and chained, she looks extremely vulnerable! There is no space for her to extend her feet: hunching sub is lying on her back and her skin is getting dirty pretty quickly. Do you think it is the kinkiest moment of the torture? Well we haven't started yet!

Here comes the master with the hose in his hands. Saying no words he starts one of the most horrible medieval tortures you can think of by streaming cold water into the pit where collared girl is trapped. The cage is filling very fast leaving no space for the slave. Captive girl cuddles to the hatch that is covering the top of the torture device trying to gasp the last bits of air with her gagged mouth.

Master stops the water when there is less than a half of inch of space is left for the slut. It is time to sit back and enjoy the torture chained female is subjected. For may long minutes she'll be sitting in the mud, short of air to breath and choking with slush that is flooding into her ring-gagged mouth. I guess you've seen some medieval tortures but I bet none of those were so realistic and intense!

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