Medieval dungeon is the most natural place to do the wooden horse torture

Watch the way sexy girl is being taken to the medieval dungeon for a bizarre wooden horse torture

Medieval dungeon is the first place you would think of any time wooden pony is mentioned. takes us to one of those dark chambers where women are taken to their physical and mental limits with the help of simple hand-crafted tools and devices.

Her name is Jade and she was tormented with a series of bizarre BDSM devices that day. You can see them all by downloading the full version of this episode available at Hogtied website. The one particular tool I am going to show you in this post is (of course!) wooden pony!

Jade will be riding the BDSM horse fully nude. There is a steel belt put around girl's waist. It is used for cuffing slave's hands behind her back: we don't want the slut to ruin the fun by helping herself to reduce the pressure wooden pony does to her pussy. With her hands bound there is nothing she could do about the extreme pain in her crotch area!

When put on top of the wooden horse, Jade is having her both ankles shackled and chained. Without the ability of touching the floor the entire weight of the captive lady is going to be supported by her pussy. We all know that this is the right way of doing the wooden horse torture!

A couple of tight steel clamps are attached to each of slaves nipples. Pulled upwards with high tension, those are going to make the torture even more exciting for the slut. Not only her pussy is going to be crushed by hardwood but her upper body is going to be tormented with tit pulling. How clever is that!

Body whipping and vibrator teasing were added to the scene later and they worked perfectly forcing the wooden pony rider to have multiple orgasms in a row! Isn't it amazing when beautiful woman cums from extreme pain? has the full version of this bizarre episode where not only wooden pony but a set of other medieval devices were used for tormenting sexy Jade. Click the button above to get there now and enjoy the uncut version of bizarre torture action!