Young BDSM trainee is gagged with her panties and lots of duct tape

Tortured teen is stopped from screaming with panties mouth stuffing and tight tape gag

It is nice to hear sexy moans women are making when tortured. Sometimes bitches go beyond the limit screaming too loud. All kinds of ball gags work fine shutting them the fuck up but panties and a bunch of duct tape can also do the job nicely!

Young BDSM trainee Tracey Sweet spend the most part of the day locked in the barn, being continuously tormented by the guys from Hardtied website. She was keeping herself quiet during countless number of bizarre bondage poses the girl was put into and a number of sexual teases she was subjected to. There was no need for the gags to be used.

But then, suddenly, pain became unbearable when tied up teen was forced to sit with her bare ass on top of sharpened steel spikes. BDSM slut started screaming like crazy so the urgent measures had to be taken. A bit of cloth and tight tape gag turned the blondinto the silent trainee, who is suffering pain quietly unable to make even the slightest sounds! Isn't she look adorable: tied up naked, with her mouth stuffed with her own panties and with dozens of sharp pikes violating her sensual ass from underneath? Would you like to see that on video?

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