Skinny asian wooden pony torture

Medieval style BDSM torture in which skinny asian is riding sharp wooden pony device

Skinny asian girl is getting tortured with wooden pony today. Deep down in the dark BDSM chamber, skinny lady is locked in steel and put on top of violent torment device. I wonder: how long will it take for her to get wet from pain and humiliation?

Infernal Restraints is back to it roots! After inventing, building and using dozens of nasty torture devices on sexy girls it is time to look back. Slim asian slut would look nice if tormented with something simple and effective. Wooden pony will do the trick nicely!

The pony device itself is made from a big piece of wood. I've seen lots of these built from planks but solid wood looks much more like the one from medieval times! This is one of many things I like about Infernal Restraints: they pay lots of attention to the pain tools they build. As a result each one of their devices look period true and work as it should. There isn't other place on the entire internet where medieval tortures are getting recreated with as much details as at Infernal Restraints! Wooden pony is not an exception!

Fully undressed before the action, submissive asisn is getting locked in heavy steel stocks. With her neck and both wrists held in place with cold metal, there no chance for the slut to get off the wooden pony. A couple of rusty chains are used to hold the upper body of a slave in vertical position. You never know what bizarre moves woman can do once wooden pony is violating her crotch!

Look down and you'll see the steel spread bar mounted to each of slave's ankles. Nasty device is put there to prevent the girl from adjoining her hips: once put on wooden pony, there is nothing should prevent woman from getting as much pleasure as possible. With a vibrating sex toy put in close contact with the clitor asian slave will get enough of that!

Infernal Restraints did an entire row of horrible things to the slutty girl. After spending lots of time of top of wooden pony there were a whole list of nasty medieval torture device used on her. Click the button above to see her getting as plenty of pain and pleasure from each of those! Infernal Restraints provides about 200 pictures and an HD movie for each of its episodes. Get there now to see the pony torture from different angles!