How to use chains and heavy steel to put a woman in bondage

Nude girl is bound with chains and steel restraints: bizarre bondage inspired by the medieval times

Medieval torturers were always keeping their victims in chains. That is exactly what we are going to do in today's post: putting naked woman in steel bondage and enjoying her helplessness.

We are back in the dark Device Bondage chamber where hundreds of sexy girls were tortured along the years. These walls heard the loudest screams possible when helpless slaves have been subjected to the weirdest torments human mind ever came up with. There is another defenseless victim is about to take the punishments right now: shall we take a quick look at the restraints she is bound with?

At first it was a BDSM rack and a strappado bondage pose the girl was put into. A set of steel tubes and a combination of chains were used together resulting a bizarre fixture designed to hold the girls motionless while they are being tortured. Gagged subgirl is bent forward and restrained with cuffs and chains for the master to have full access to every part of her body. Just look how sexy the slut looks! Shall we start the fun by attaching lead weights to the nipples and then whipping her ass?

The next bondage pose involves chains only: I am always being reminded of medieval times when cold steel is meeting the soft and sensual female skin! Put on her knees and with her sexy ass up, poor trainee cannot move an inch. Her ass looks so vulnerable so why don't we start by shoving a huge butt plug inside? Well done! Is there anything else you would like to do to the slave?

This girl spent the entire day in the BDSM cell suffering pain and humiliation from the medieval tortures and restraints Device Bondage crew was tormenting her with. The entire action was filmed on video and hundreds of pictures have been taken. Click on the button above to visit the website and enjoy them all now. Don't forget about loads of other hot young ladies who suffered unbearable pain along the years being put in bizarre BDSM devices: hit the button to browse them all now!