MILF lady locked in BDSM cage

Enjoy medieval torture where naked MILF lady locked in a cage and sunk in the water tub

All kinds of iron cages are very popular tools of medieval torture. Made form heavy steel, old and rusty they look scary and fit perfectly for holding up female slaves. It can be treated like a cruel BDSM torture, when a helpless undressed girl is put inside one of these containers and left for the night or sunk in water tank.

I am really pleased with the fact that guys from Hardtied website are using BDSM cages in almost every episode. It really takes my breath away when a pretty female is being taken through a series of medieval tortures and then locked in the iron box like a helpless petgirl.

When combined with any other ways of BDSM punishments, steel cage is one of the most exiting torture devices. Just take a look at the MILF slave that was undressed and restrained with one of these. Blonde lady can't move her body a bit, because sophisticated restraining device holds up her arms and ankles with specially designed cuffs. Girl's head is put in some kind of medieval torture top with a nice gagging tube. Baggy tits are being bound to another steel tube with a couple of wires.

This medieval torture is really memorable, because in the following few minutes the cage and the helpless woman inside it are going to be sunk deep in the water. Watching exposed female gasping and having asphyxia orgasms is one of the most intense BDSM scenes I've seen for the last few months. I am really exited with the fact that you can watch the full-length and uncut version of this episode at Hardtied website. Just use the button above to access the HD video and picture gallery instantly!