Mwdieval witch interrogation - sweaty woman is whipped and tortured with rope noose strangling

Undressed woman is interrogated and tortured: tied up, whipped plus strangled with rope noose around her neck

Let me show you a few BDSM pictures presented by the Pain Gate - another great website that is shooting many of it's episodes under the influence of medieval times and period-true tortures.

Try guessing where the action is taking place... It looks like a dark dungeon cell where inquisition is interrogating yet another woman who is accused in being a witch. Poor girl had spent many horrifying hours if hands of merciless medieval torturers and experienced lots of inhuman torments.

Nude and sweaty woman is standing besides the wall. Her hands are tied behind the back so she cannot protect her belly from dozens of painful bullwhip lashes. Look closer at the pictures and you'll see red marks appearing all over sensual skin after each of the lashes. But whipping itself is just a part of cleverly-designed medieval torture: asphyxiation is also involved! There is a rope noose put around girl's neck that is used for strangling. Helpless, whipped and short of air to breathe: I bet the slut is going to confess any minutes now!

The full version of this medieval torture and interrogation can be enjoyed instantly at the Pain Gate website. Go there now by clicking the button above to watch the full-length movie and browse lots of pictures! Don't forget about hundreds of other bizarre torture episodes where hot women are undressed, put in bizarre restraints and then lashed without mercy. Have fun!