Medieval torture shows hogtied girl fried on open flames

Bizarre medieval torture shows the process of burning the hogtied female on open flames

Burning nude and slave with open flames is the toughest medieval torture even used during dark ages. This way of interrogation was really successful. I wonder how many beautiful witches were tortured to death this way.

I bet lots of my visitors are looking forward to see pictures of this kind of medieval torture. We are lucky to have Hardtied website because it does almost impossible: recreating all kinds of inhuman torments that were used during Middle Ages. What would you say is I'd show you pictures of hogtied girl suspended up in the air and being fried on flames?

Woman had to be a real pain slut to allow someone to undress her, bind her with tight hogtie and suspend a few feet above the floor. But the most exiting thing is still ahead: there is a fire set up right under her belly and her silky skin is gong to be tormented with heat really soon. What a nast medieval torture to watch and to take part in!

I am going to reveal a little secret about this scene: there are more bizarre things were done to this skinny slave. Lots of weird medieval torture tools were used for her training. Do I have to mention that she was fucked many times during her torment? Watch everything right now by clicking the link above. Hardtied has lots of bizarre BDSM for you. Have fun!