Naked girl is stretched on the medieval torture rack

Pictures of a nude woman stretched on the torture rack in the dark medieval dungeon

Within dozens of different medieval torture tools and devices simple wooden rack attracts most of the attention of my visitors. Why? Maybe it is because you still can easily use steel restraints or ropes to put woman in bondage but it is almost impossible to find a rack to play with (unless you build one by yourself).

I am happy that there are still BDSM websites that do not hesitate using wooden racks to torture women. Infernal Restraints is one them and I've put a few preview pictures for you to taste their BDSM style. Nasty isn't it?

Poor girl Sasha spent the entire night inside the tiny steel cage being suspended up in the air. Her ankles as well as her wrists were handcuffed so there was no way for her to make even the slightest moves. But that was just a beginning of her medieval torture! Naked sub is now taken out of her cage but nothing good is going to happen to her because she is going to spend lots of agonizing minutes being tortured with medieval rack.

Unprotected body of the girl is being stretched with an enormous force. But that isn't the only thing the woman experiencing pain from. Infernal Restraints got used to apply full force tortures to their slaves and Sasha is not an exception! Look at the pictures closer and find wooden rod being forced in girl's cunt, tight claps put over her nipples and pulled heavily as well as tight rope noose placed around slave's neck! I've seen some nasty hardcore torments being combined but this medieval torture is absolutely amazing!

I am so sorry about the fact that pictures can't transfer sounds! You have to hear slave Sasha making those kinky sounds as her body is being stretched on the rack! Luckily, there is a full-length movie about this medieval torture can be enjoyed instantly at Infernal Restraints website! Get there now and watch it all because I've hasn't described many tasty bits and kinky details. Those shouldn't be missed! Click the button to watch the video of poor slut having the worst hours of her life being tortured in the dark BDSM dungeon!