Juicy MILF is locked in medieval stocks

Down deep in the BDSm chamber there is a naked MILF put in medieval stocks and chained

Keeping slaves in stocks was common practice back in the dark ages. Why don't we take a look at an attractive modern woman becoming bound with this kind of old but pretty effective BDSM restraint?

Her name is Holly Wood and she is dare to step down into the Infernal Restraints BDSM chamber to try some of those medieval devices that were used for torturing witches. If she enjoyed the action? I bet she did!

The woman started posing dressed but then (after the stocks were put on) her clothes were cut in pieces with the sharp knife. Do you like when girls are losing their outfits this way? I think it is kinky to see a slut becoming stripped by force and unable to do anything about that!

Medieval stocks used in this scene look like a wooden collar with a couple of steel clamps attached. Woman becomes very clumsy and can't move freely when this thing is being placed around her neck and her wrists cuffed. It is so much fun watching nude girl crawling around with medieval torture device on. It becomes even more exciting when good old chain is brought to the scene: poor Holly is going to spend many hours in kinky bondage poses, moaning silently and entertaining you with her helplessness. Would you like to watch the video of her in medieval restrains?

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