Girl is tied to wooden pony and whipped

Combination of two kinky BDSM punishments: wooden pony bondage and harsh body whipping

Wooden pony device is perfect for torturing pussy but it also becomes handy in other BDSM activities. Whipping is just one of many examples.

Let's step down into the Pain Gate chamber where there is a beautiful girl getting prepared for the harsh corporal punishment. Gal is undressed and bent over the classic wooden pony. Torturer was kind enough to cover the sharp edge with the blanket not to let naked slavegirl to excruciate her belly and breasts too much.

Exposed woman is then becoming tied to the device. Four ropes are holding girl's wrists and ankles not allowing her to make to many moves. We don't want to give trainee a chance to avoid the lashes by movie her ass sideways. Rope bondage and BDSM horse are doing their job perfectly: the girl is totally helpless, cannot move at all and ready to receive multiple whip hits.

Master goes around the bondaged woman putting lots of lashes all over her body. Most of the strokes are hitting the bubble butt of hers, covering the sensual skin is deep red marks. There are many different ways of punishing girls, but tying them to wooden pony and whipping their asses is one of the most exciting I can think of!

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