Girl is bound with steel and wearing weird BDSM hairstyle

Naked girl is subjected to extreme BDSM tortures while bound spread sith steel rack

Some websites sometimes surprise with the weirdness of bondage they are into. Beautiful and submissive Andy San Dimas had experienced one of those bizarre sessions where her body was subjected to extreme BDSM impact. How about a couple of sample pictures of hot girl in pain?

Merciless guys from Device Bondage website built a whole rack to torture helpless gal with. Poor woman is nude and her soft and warm body is locked in between many cold steel tubes. Frame isn't giving captive girl a chance to move an inch keeping her in a strict spread eagle pose.

But what's makes this scene very special is the bizarre hairstyle! You don't normally see hair being used during BDSM action but in this particular case the guys taken full advantage of girl's helplessness! Andy is having her long hair divided in many small pigtails and each of those was tied up with a thin rope! Isn't she adorable: exposed in a spread eagle bondage pose, looking like Medusa and screaming from extreme pain?

Yes, there were lot of painful tortured performed on the restrained girl. You can enjoy them all in the full version of this episode available at the Device Bondage website. Let me give you a little teaser saying that pussy whipping and heavy lead weights attached to her pussy cheeks was just a beginning. Click the button above to watch Andy San Dimas posing in bizarre spread eagle bondage now!