Woman suffers pain being subjected to medieval crucifixion

Nude woman is exposed on the wooden cross being crucified with bondage ropes

Crucifixion was very popular in the past centuries for dealing with captive enemies or breaking the disobedient. Why don't we take a look at the modern recreation of the torture? Luckily we have a beautiful woman willing to test that kind of torment.

Cici Rhodes is a painslut who was looking forward to be crucified on the wooden cross for a very long time. Guys from Hardtied website had invited the girl for an entire day of BDSM training where her dream came true. Middle Ages torture brought back to life for your viewing pleasure!

Poor woman spent the first half of the day being tied to the wooden post naked and with loads of clamps teasing her flesh. A couple of dozens of tight clothespins were placed all over her boobs and attached to the belly. Gagged with rope and unable to move at all, girl was moaning in a very sexy manner enjoying every minute of this extremely painful torment.

Second part of the ancient torture is even more bizarre and reminds good old crucifixion. Bondage whore is being put on the wooden cross with a set of tight ropes and left there for a couple of hours. As you might see on the pictures crucifixion pose is a little bit different from the one we got used to. Nude woman is suspended by the wrists and having her legs spread wide. Looks different but it is still a crucifixion! Pictures of woman on the cross are fine but it is much more exciting to watch this on video! Are you with me for more?

There is a movie about Cici Rhodes bondage crucifixion can be seen right now at the Hardtied website. You just have to click the button above to get there instantly and start enjoying bizarre tortures. And please don't forget about loads of full-size pictures showing the described BDSM episode in amazing details! Click not to let the fun begin!